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Analysis: the function of the structure of the single grinding machine

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Double single-sided grinding machine including frame, the frame side of the product have extended upward single arm stretch, single arm stretching mechanism connected with an upper millstone, in the stone on the bottom of the frame is equipped with corresponding to the upper millstone bedstone, there is a groove in the upper center position, on the rack with grooves corresponding to the location of the column has a transmission, transmission column of the products is with grooves corresponding to the bulge, will be placed in the hole of the star road wheel on machining parts, then make single arm stretching downward movement, the single arm grooves in conformity with the transmission column tensile mechanism, the upper and the lower millstone respectively and processing parts of the upper and lower surface contact, to achieve double grinding, start switch and control under the control of rack millstone transmission column switch, turns the millstone and the upper millstone, when need single-sided grinding, just turn off the control transmission column switch, transmission column stop running, millstone will not rotate, single-sided grinding.